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Water Damaged Drywall

Water damage can come in many forms, from roof leaks, toilet leaks and even flood cuts in your basement. We specialize in all drywall repair and will make the repair not look like there was ever a problem in the first place.

Stress and Movement Cracks in Drywall

The STL metro area is notorious for stress and movement cracks. The large amounts of clay in the ground are very susceptible to movement. this extra movement will cause your drywall to crack after time.

Physical Drywall Damage

We've fixed holes from kids playing football, dogs chewing through the wall, people doing gymnastics and many more. We've literally seen a thing or two. No matter what, we can fix it.

Bathroom, Kitchen and Basement Drywall

We can install drywall in any room of your house. We make sure that the proper application of drywall size/ shape are used in the appropriate areas. We also plastic off work areas to keep clean.

Minor Painting

We offer minor painting services. Mostly it involves a drywall repaired ceiling or wall, to save the customer from having to get a whole 'nother company out for a small repair. We typically draw the line when it involves multiple rooms and multiple colors.

Minor Framing

We do minor Framing to include wood and/or metal studs. We do not have the "know-how" for structual framing. Our typical framing job includes closets, basement bedrooms or soffits.

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