Our Services

Homeowners & Commercial

WE DO the Following:

  • All demo work
  • Wooden stud framing
  • Metal stud framing
  • New drywall installation (regular, fire rated, mold/mildew, and sound board)
  • All size drywall repairs
  • All types of damaged drywall repair (water, mold, broken, etc.)
  • Exterior drywall work as well as garages
  • Tape/Finishing (cracked seams,repairs all the way to whole rooms)
  • Repair dents and holes
  • Spray these textures = Knock Down (Spanish Lace), Popcorn, and Orange Peel
  • Repair these textures = Knock Down (Spanish Lace), Popcorn,  Orange Peel and Sand Swirl.
  • Room customization
  • Painting

Builders & Contractors

WE DO the Following:

  • Metal stud
  • Wooden stud
  • Drywall
  • Tape and finish work
  • Texturing
  • Painting

We lay plastic sheeting over, under, and across everything
to exterminate mess!!

No job too big or small..

We take care to keep the project area clean

Sweep and/or vacuum, whichever is needed

Patch area is cut out square and prepped with wood backing to ensure longevity for the patch


Wood or metal backing reduces movement of the drywall, which in turn will allow the seems to last a long time.

drywall repair St Louis

Drywall is then matched to size and installed then the taping/finishing begins


Most repairs are done with quick-set mud which allows for the small projects to be completed in a timely manner instead of taking a few trips

drywall repair

You can see for yourself why we are number 1 with drywall repair in St.Louis.