How to Install Drywall

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How to Install Drywall: The most detailed eBook about drywall/finishing that you will find ....ever

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Who would be better to teach something than the people that do the work? So, here you go, how to install drywall…

Since 2001 I have been learning and mastering the trade of drywall and drywall repair. Installation and drywall finishing are now 2nd nature. In 2007 I opened up Nations Drywall Repair in the St.Louis, MO. area.

It was after I realized that there are many people out here wanting to save money,  that I should write up one of the most detailed “Do it yourself Drywall” books out there.

Let’s be honest, the DIY industry is something to be reckoned with. What’s not intriguing about bragging to visitors in your own house, “Yup, I hung that drywall by myself”. Even if you’re not the bragging type, there is still the self-satisfaction of being able to accomplish skilled tasks on your own. Not to mention the amount of money that can be saved from installation cost and finishing costs.

A wise-ish man once said:

“Many untrained brave men have attempted to install drywall by themselves only to be tossed out into the sea of despair. Don’t get tossed out into the sea of despair, with this guide, you will have the knowledge needed to put some understanding behind that brave-ness.”

Without boring you on the pros/cons of doing this process on your own, I’ll just jump in to what my eBook has to offer.

  • Detailed descriptions of how to do every single step, including: Materials calculation, installing drywall and how to finish drywall.
  • Products and technique explanations.
  • Lots of images, because we all know that pictures can be worth a lot of words.
  • Access to our video collection, currently over 30 short “how to” clips.
  • Customer service: If you have a question, call me and I’ll personally answer. This is good up to 1 month after your purchase. 

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Hand Tape Butt Joint

Drywall 101: The Basics

Keep in mind that hanging drywall is not relatively tough to figure out and install. However, installing it correctly so that the drywall seams last a very long time requires “know how”.

We run across a lot of home owners who like to hang the drywall themselves to save money and then hire out the taping/finishing. This sounds good in essence but a lot of these same home owners hang their drywall in a way that is not desirable to the tapers. (It is extremely important to read up on what your doing beforehand, especially if quality and price are important on your project.)

This creates 3 problems:

  • The drywall seams will not last the regular 100k miles
  • The taper cannot guarantee their work because it relies on the drywall to be correctly installed.
  • When drywall is not properly installed, it can cost a lot more money to have the tapers “make it right”, and we’ve seen drywall so badly hung that it could not be saved and we had to actually tear it out and start over.

My point here is not to discourage the DIY’er from doing their own drywall, in fact I encourage people to save money where they can.

My point actually is to stress the importance of making sure the drywall is being installed the correct way


Reduce Drywall Movement

For example, wood backing and screw placement is crucial for drywall seams lifespan. Not enough backing or screws will lead to extra drywall movement, movement is the tape seams biggest nightmare, right along side water/moisture.

Drywall Seam Alignment

Another important factor when installing drywall is the seam alignment. The worst thing for a drywall finisher to see is a tapered seam that meets up against the butt end of the drywall. These seams are difficult to properly finish and become extremely difficult when they are long.

When the drywall seam is as described above, it is treated as a float-able butt joint instead of a fill-able flat seam. Short areas like this are not the end of the world but they will add a lot of time to the finishing.

Drywall Conclusion

Make sure that you find out the “do’s and don’ts”  before you tackle your drywall installation project. A bit of reading from the right place will help make a night and day difference.

That is why we offer our eBook for the cheap price of basically $10. This small price can easily save you hundreds of dollars or more.