About Us

Richard Nation

Owner and Operator

Richard started Nations Drywall Repair in 2007 and later turned it into an LLC in 2012. Richard has experience in Drywall Repair specifically, dating back to 2001. He prides himself in providing a quality product while conducting a business with Christian morals at it’s core foundation.

Joseph Perkins

Operator and long time Employee

Joe has been with Nations Drywall Repair since around 2012. He is our Prized employee that excels in the Art of Drywall. As an added bonus he possesses the quality of being OCD with his work so very few unnoticed details sneak by his trained eye. 

About Company

Professional and Expert Drywall Repair Company

Nations Drywall Repair LLC is dedicated to our trade and satisfaction of the people that put their trust in us, we are proud to call them our customers.
We inform all of our customers that our dealings with them are a 2 way street. We enjoy and respect the time/property that they have entrusted in us while simultaneously they appreciate the hard work and dedication that we put into being an excellent service provider.

We understand in today’s world there are many jokers out there, this is why we have made it our mission to collect reviews from all customers that we can in order to provide a fair and accurate depiction of what our company really is.

Richard Nation


Need help? Contact me

(636)233-6114 or [email protected]

Our History

Superior Drywall Services

2007 - Present

We Started off in a bad economy but still...

This company was started in 2007 when the last recession was strong yet through hard work, perseverance, dedication and God's blessing, we made it through and have been thriving ever since.
Fast forward to today (cuurently 2023) and we're still running strong. Thank you STL Metro area for keeping us going!

Why Choose Us

Reviews- What are they good for? Building Trust

Our Angie's Reviews- 254

We’ve been an Angie’s List service provider since 2010. Over that time we have had the opportunity to meet many people and show off our craftmanship.

Google Business Reviews- 81

We’ve probably focused on Google Business for the past 5 years or so. It wasn’t as popular when we first started off as it is now. 

BBB Reviews- Currently 36

We’ve been a BBB service provider for quite awhile, I believe since our beginnings in 2007. The reviews drop off every few years so our actual accumulated reviews would be much higher.

Facebook Reviews- 34

Facebook is another one that we don’t give much time to but it is a trusted source for reviews. 

Nextdoor Recommendations- 21

Nextdoor is a pretty cool app. We don’t utilize this one as much as we should but we have met some great customers from it.

With Reviews like these, you can feel confident in us without knowing us.
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