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Do you want that drywall repair on your ceiling to not look like a patch when it's done? You've found the right team. We offer Drywall repair in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

We specialize in drywall repair specifically so our talents are honed in to provide you a superior finish for your ceiling and/or walls in your home. Our focus is on 2 main aspects, 1) Aesthetics, so the repair is seamless and 2) Longevity, so that the repair lasts as long as possible.

We are a small business that has served St. Louis and St. Charles county’s since 2007 and counting.

We have acquired close to 500 reviews in the various review sites with a excellent ratings. 

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We provide Drywall Repair in St. Louis and the surrounding areas.

Clean Work Sites

Drywall is a messy trade that makes for messy jobs. We make sure to keep your homes protected by laying 1.5mil thick plastic on the floors and then we use a .3mil thick plastic to drape over furniture or drape from the walls if needed.
Sweeping and/or Vacuuming is always done after cleanup.
Our goal is for nobody to know we were there except for the beautiful repair work that we leave behind.

Drywall Repair Professionals

Drywall repairs come in different sorts but fall into a few main categories. Water damage, movement cracks and physical damage.
Most of the repairs that we do in the STL area fall under the water damage and stress crack umbrella.
Ground movements (wet season vs dry season) and house movements (wind gusts, vibrations, high humidity) are a leading cause of stress cracks in our neck of the woods.
Water damage typically comes from the usual suspects (bad roofs, leaky pipes, crazy kids).

Texture Matching Specialists

95% of the drywall in the STL metro area has some sort of texture.
We specialize in texture matching as part of our wheel house since most drywall repairs will require it.
Textures we're proficient in:
Sand swirl (by far the most common texture in the STL area)
Popcorn (2nd most common texture in the STL area)
Orange Peel and Knockdown (not as prevalent in the STL area)
Plus a few more "home made" textures

Things to consider...

Should I do the drywall repair myself?

When you get drywall that is water damaged or drywall cracks that need to be repaired you typically have two options. You either do it yourself or you hire a company to do the sheetrock repair for you.

There are drywall repair kits that can be purchased at your local home improvement store. Some of them work fine and some of them do not.

One thing to keep in mind is that your home is an investment. Another thing to keep in mind is that drywall repair, both on the ceiling and walls, is a trade that takes a lot of practice to get good at.

I have seen regular Joe’s that do a fantastic job at repairing small drywall patches. On the other hand I have seen the opposite. So of course knowing your limits and capabilities is an important factor in the equation.

With all of that in mind you will have to decide if the drywall repair cost out weighs your capabilities and/or the importance of the overall value of your home.

Typical Steps Involved in the Process
Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us


This is our number 1 priority on each and every job that we do.


This is our number 1 priority with each and every customer that we work with.

Trained Workers

Everybody on our Drywall team has 10+ years experience. I have been doing drywall myself since 2001.


We have roughly 400 reviews in the St. Louis area with an A+ rating overall.

Quick Response

We respond back to everybody, typically same day, but always with-in 24 hours.

1 Year Warranty

All Craftmanship is guaranteed for 1 year.

We Are A Business Who Cares, And it Shows


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Currently 42 Reviews (Reviews disappear after 5 years)

Serving STL Metro Since 2007

We have been satisfying customers in the St. Louis and St. Charles area for 15 years and counting.

Richard Nation

Owner- Richard Nation

Hello, my name is Richard Nation. I am the owner/operator of Nations Drywall Repair. I have been in the drywall field since 2001.

Unlike other drywall hangers and tapers I have been specifically in the drywall repair field as opposed to hanging only or taping only. Starting at the age of 17 in 2001, I worked with a drywall repair company out of Clearwater, FL. until 2006. I saved every penny I could and moved up here to the St.Louis, MO. area to be closer to family.

I started Nations Drywall Repair in 2007 from the ground up. It was tough times as the market was in shambles but God allowing I made it and have been running strong ever since.

How to Properly Repair Drywall

Understanding the basics of drywall repair is pretty simple once you understand the underlying principles.

The 2 main aspects to focus on are Aesthetics and Longevity. Without those 2 main priority’s you will have a drywall patch that stands out like a sore thumb and does not last.

Perfecting the aesthetics aspect comes from sheer experience.  “He who does it the most, does it the best” ~ Dad

The Longevity aspect can be explained pretty easily by identifying what causes a drywall repair to go bad prematurely, Moisture and Movement. 

Moisture is a pretty obvious issue so we won’t go into much detail on that other than the fact that it should be remedied as soon as possible.

Movement on the other hand is the more interesting aspect and it involves many variables, mainly the house movement and the ground movement.

The ground will become saturated with water in the rainy season and swell up causing the house to move (very minutely), then it will shrink again after the water recedes/drys out. The same concept goes with the materials in the house. Humid months will have the wood and other house materials absorb moisture and expand/warp a little bit, then the dry months cause the material to dry out and shrink. These movements are unavoidable and vary by location and soil type.

A couple other factors are wind gusts/storms, loud music (vibrations), running and stomping (vibrations). There are many more but this paints the picture.

None of these movement sources are in our control but when repairing the drywall we can do things to help stiffen up the repair to help reduce the “local” movement.

By adding wood backing around our repairs and also adding more screws than the original work had, we can make the repairs more rigid and hold up better to movement.

The other procedure that we implement to help the drywall patch last longer is by using Fiber-Mesh tape alongside of Quickset Mud. These 2 products work in conjunction to make the repair more rigid also.

When you combine the added care for longevity and attention to detail that we put into our work, you end up with a drywall patch that does not look like a patch and lasts as long as possible.

Call us if you need your drywall repaired in St. Louis or the surrounding areas.

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